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Release Name: 1.2.2

Release Notes

Announcement Thuban 1.2.2 Much of the work was about updating Thuban with the latest library dependencies (gdal >= 1.5, sqlite3, owslib, wxpython 2.8). Of course a number of defects have been fixed. The Thuban 1.2.x series stabilises slowly and the next release will fix most of the unicode problems by updating to pyshapelib 0.4. But thanks to our users, all reports help us to iron out the problems! Thanks to all you have send us feedback! Didrik Pinte Notable issues: - Extension OGR: - Two tests fail (probably because of an ogr/shapelib problem.) The failure looks harmless. As the ogr layer support is beta it did not block the release. - Is slower than native Shapefile support. - Classification might not work. - Extension profiling: makes use of a non-free "profile" module which therefore will not be available on all python installations. Consequently it is also not enabled by default. - Because we enabled translations for the Extensions only recently, some translations will be outdated more then usual.

Change Log

Changes up to Thuban 1.2.2 (release 2009-08-18) ========================== - Migrated to wxpython 2.8 - Improvement : + mouse wheel support in viewport + freeze support improved - Problem fixes: + Fix for shptreemodule.c coming from Debian #469007. + DTDs 1.1 and 1.2.1 session files are valid DTDs again (Bernhard Herzog). + Fix for Mac and wx 2.8. (Didrik Pinte) + Minor improvements in code and documentation (Bernhard Reiter). + Important fix in gdalwarp module (thanks to Evan Rouault) + Support for sqlite3 + Class generation not working on 64 bit system (thanks to Antony Lenton) - Extensions + wms: experimental migrated to owslib 0.3 (Didrik Pinte)