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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 8.0.7

Release Notes
This is the seventh maintenance release of the openvas-libraries 8.0 module for
the Open Vulnerability Assessment System 8 (OpenVAS-8).

This release changes the default fallback cipher suite to address issues with
the communication between OpenVAS modules after an update of the GnuTLS
library. It also adds support for generating SHA256 check sums to the NASL
language and addresses other minor issues.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release:
BenoƮt Allard, Hani Benhabiles, Guillaume Castagnino, Christian Fischer and
Jan-Oliver Wagner.
Change Log
Main changes compared to 8.0.6:
* The default fallback cipher suite has been changed from 'SECURE' to 'NORMAL'
  to be consistent with the (documented) behaviour of the GnuTLS library. This
  solves an issue where OpenVAS modules were unable to communicate after an
  update of the GnuTLS library.
* Support for generating SHA256 check sums in NASL has been added.
* A number of compiler warnings have been addressed.
* Documentation has been updated.