Project Filelist for OpenVAS

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 5.1+beta2

Release Notes
This is the second beta release of the openvas-scanner 5.1 module for
the Open Vulnerability Assessment System (OpenVAS). It will be part of
the upcoming "OpenVAS-9".

Main new feature of this release is the switch from openssl based
certificate management scripts to a GNUTLS (certtool) based one.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release:
Hani Benhabiles, Sven Haardiek, Jan-Oliver Wagner and Michael Wiegand.
Change Log
Main changes compared to 5.0beta1:
* Install "openvas-mkcert-client" FHS compliant.
* Improve openvas-manage-certs script. The script is now able to set up
  a certificate infrastructure for an OpenVAS installation, create
  additional certificates, verify the installation and perform other
  certificate related tasks while being highly configurable at run time
  through environment variables or a configuration file.
* Retire openvas-mkcert and openvas-mkcert-client now that their
  replacement openvas-manage-certs is ready for use. This also means
  that openssl is not required anymore, instead gnutls (certtool) is now
  also used for the certificate management scripts.
* Improved support for IPv6.
* Simplify project version setting. Use SVN version at build time in
  binary instead of SVN version at configuration time. Make SVN revision
  retrieval work with SVN >= 1.7.
* Apply -Wextra for builds.