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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 6.0+beta1

Release Notes
This is the first beta version of the upcoming 6.0 release of the OpenVAS
Manager. It is the central management service between the actual security
scanners and various user clients.

This release introduces first steps towards multi-scanner support, adds support
for SecInfo type "CERT-Bund" and extends the results object. Apart from this
the alternative support for PostgreSQL works to some extend but is not
complete yet.

Please make sure to read the INSTALL file for important installation and
migration information, even and especially if you have used OpenVAS Manager

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release:
Hani Benhabiles, Matthew Mundell, Timo Pollmeier, Michael Wiegand
Change Log
Main changes since 5.0 series:
* Added first steps for Scanner Management. This includes the configration part
  for scanners accompanied with a new set of OMP commands (create_scanner,
  get_scanners, modify_scanner, delete_scanner and verity_scanner). Next,
  it covers the extensions of tasks with the selected scanner type and the
  extension of Scan Configurations to reflect different scanner types.
* First steps towards alternative use of PostgreSQL as database backend instead
  of SQLite3. The PostgreSQL support does not yet cover all of the OpenVAS Manager
* Added new SecInfo subtype CERT-Bund Advisory (CERT_BUND_ADV).
* Added new OMP command GET_AGGREGATES in order to deliver data tables for
  use in diagrams.
* Extended results table and OMP results objects.
* Removed openvasrc file support from OMP.
* For SSH credentials, the public part is now extracted from private key
  when needed.
* Removed preemptive Scanner connecting. Connect only on NVT cache update
  or task starting, resuming and stopping. This improves response time.
* Removed task pausing feature. This includes the removal of OMP commands
  pause_task and resume_paused_task.
* Removed target locators feature. This includes the removal of the
  OMP command get_target_locators.
* First steps towards a QoD (Quality of Detection) concept as an attribute
  of the results.
* Rebuild CERT database as version 6 to apply fix for problems with CVEs
  in older DFN-CERT advisories.
* Increased limit of max number of hosts specified in user Host Access
  Control to 16,777,216.
* Removed --slisten and --sport options.
* Renamed --list-users to --get-users.
* Added --get-scanners.
* Added --create-scanner with --scanner-host, --scanner-port and
  --scanner-type options.
* Added --delete-scanner option.
* Added --verify-scanner option.
* Added --scanner-ca-pub, --scanner-key-pub and --scanner-key-priv
  command-line arguments.
* Added options --max-email-attachment-size and --max-email-include-size.
* Various minor improvements.
* Code cleanups.