Forum: Thuban-1.2.1 released

Posted by: Bernhard Reiter
Date: 2008-02-03 00:58
Summary: Thuban-1.2.1 released
Project: Thuban

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Bringing out to light what was hidden -
is a fitting motto of this maintenance release. Thuban had a few interesting
Extensions, but if users saw them depended on their customisation. Now
all Extensions can be enabled per installation. Not all of these gems
have been fully brought back to life. With ogr you can still open up
all formats this powerful library can read. Wms currently needs a makeover
which is on the list for the next release. Of course a number of defects
have been fixed. The Thuban 1.2.x series seems a little less stable than
usual because of the way we are half way there to fully support unicode
internally. But thanks to our users, all reports help us to iron out
the problems! Thanks to all that have send us feedback!

Thuban is an Interactive Geographic Data Viewer, extensible and multi-platform mainly writting in Python.
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