Project Filelist for gpg4win

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.0.0

Release Notes
This is the first stable release of gpg4win.
It is a successor project of GnuPP.

It covers updated versions of the two
german manuals "Gpg4win für Einsteiger"
and "Gpg4win für Durchblicker", formally known
as "GnuPP für Einsteiger" and "GnuPP für Durchblicker".

The instaler itself is developed entirely anew
and is quite more adanced than the GnuPP one.

Of course, also all modules (GnuPG, WinPT,
GPA etc.) have been updated to current versions.
New modules compared to GnuPP are GPGol, GPGee
and Sylpheed. GPGoe has been removed for gpg4win
1.0.0 because it wasn't stable enough, but
it might get in soon since development came
back to live again.
Change Log
Changes in version 1.0.0 (2006-04-06)
compared to 0.8.0 (2006-03-09)

* New: Warning and hints if GnuPP, GnuPT or
  Windows Privacy Tools are detected.
  In case, GnuPG-Pack is found, installation
  will stop, because this can not work in

* New: A installer page allows to install
  start-links for the desktop.

* No splash screen anymore. Instead, the logo
  now integrates into installer dialog.


GnuPG: 1.4.3
WinPT: 0.11.10
GPA:   0.7.3
GPGol: 0.9.8
GPGee: 1.3.0
Einsteiger:   2.0.0
Durchblicker: 2.0.0