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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.0.1

Release Notes
Noteworthy changes in version 0.0.1 (2005-11-04)

  * Initial release.
Change Log
2005-11-04  Marcus Brinkmann  <>

        Released 0.0.1.

        * (EXTRA_DIST): Add missing backslash.
        * include/ (top_srcdir): Remove.
        * src/ (gpg4win-src-$(VERSION).exe): Pass TOP_SRCDIR,
        SRCDIR and BUILD_DIR (absolute path) as defined values.  Also, use
        $(srcdir) for nsi source file.
        (gpg4win-src-$(VERSION).exe): Likewise.
        * src/gpg4win.nsi: Change directory to build directory.
        Add include dirs ${TOP_SRCDIR} and ${SRCDIR}.
        * src/gpg4win-src.nsi: Likewise.
        * src/installer.nsi: Use ${TOP_SRCDIR} to access COPYING file.
        * src/ (stamps/stamp-final): Depend on

2005-11-03  Werner Koch  <>

        * include/ Adjusted for WinPT being a source package now.

        * src/inst-winpt.nsi: Adjusted location of to be installed files.
        * src/ (gpg4win_spkgs): Add winpt.
        (gpg4win_bpkgs): Remove winpt
        (gpg4win_pkg_winpt_configure): Added.

        * (winpt): Made it a source package.

        * Bail out if a required tool is missing.

2005-11-02  Werner Koch  <>

        * README.SVN, New.

        * (AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS): Add dist-bzip2.

        * packages/ Removed inclusion of config.h and defined
        WGET directly.  This is required because the download script needs
        to be used before configure and thus we can't use configure to
        determine the to be used wget; the script was anyway

2005-10-26  Werner Koch  <>

        * README: Add basic instructions on how to add new packages.

        * Add detection of GPGee and WinPT.
        * m4/gpg4win.m4 (GPG4WIN_BPKG_BINSRC): New.

        * include/ Add defines for WinPT and GGee.
        * src/inst-winpt.nsi: New.
        * src/inst-gpgee.nsi: New.
        * src/uninst-winpt.nsi: New.
        * src/uninst-gpgee.nsi: New.
        * src/ (gpg4win_bpkgs): Add WinPT and GPGee.
        * src/inst-sections.nsi: Ditto.
        * src/installer-finish.nsi: Ditto.
        * packages/ (server_winpt): Add WinPT.
        (server_gpgee): Add temporary location for gpgee.
        (server_g10code): Add temporary location for gpg-error, gpgme,
        gpa and gpgol.

2005-10-25  Werner Koch  <>

        * src/installer.nsi: Don't put the version into the "Name" variable.

2005-10-24  Marcus Brinkmann  <>
        * COPYING: New file.

2005-10-23  Marcus Brinkmann  <>

        * src/ (pdir): Call post_install with source dir as
        current directory.
        * (VERSION): Check for dlltool.
        * src/ (gpg4win_pkg_libiconv_post_install,
        gpg4win_pkg_gettext_post_install): New macros.
        * src/libiconv.def, src/libintl.def: New files.
        * src/inst-libgpg-error.nsi: Install mo files.
        * src/uninst-libgpg-error.nsi: Uninstall mo files.

2005-10-22  Marcus Brinkmann  <>

        * Add libiconv and gettext as dependencies for
        libgpg-error and gpa.
        * src/ (gpg4win_pkg_libgpg_error_configure): New

        * src/ (common_nsi): Add uninstaller files.
        * src/uninst-atk.nsi, src/uninst-gettext.nsi, src/uninst-glib.nsi,
        src/uninst-gnupg.nsi, src/uninst-gpa.nsi, src/uninst-gpgme.nsi,
        src/uninst-gpgol.nsi, src/uninst-gtk+.nsi,
        src/uninst-libgpg-error.nsi, src/uninst-libiconv.nsi,
        src/uninst-libpng.nsi, src/uninst-pango.nsi,
        src/uninst-pkgconfig.nsi, src/uninst-zlib.nsi: New file.
        * src/inst-sections.nsi: Include the uninstallers in reverse
        * src/inst-gpgol.nsi: Register the gpgol DLL at installation, and
        (surprise!) unregister it at deinstallation.

2005-10-21  Marcus Brinkmann  <>

        * src/ (gpg4win_pkg_gpgme_configure): Enable static
        library for gpgol.
        (gpg4win_pkg_gpgol_configure): Add gpg-error prefix.

        * src/inst-gnupg.nsi: Fix path of deleted files.

        * src/ (pdir): Don't strip DLL files.

2005-10-20  Marcus Brinkmann  <>

        * m4/gpg4win.m4 (GPG4WIN_DEFINE): New function.  Use it to define
        feature symbols for NSI.  Use m4_translit instead of m4_bpatsubst.
        New option --enable-debug.
        * include/ Catch all this new information.
        * src/gpg4win.nsi (DEBUG): Define if [GPG4WIN_DEBUG].
        (HAVE_PKG_GPA): Don't define here.
        * src/inst-sections.nsi: Guard all package specific commands with
        feature macro checks.  Calculate dependencies on .onInit, too.
        * src/ (STRIP_macro): Quote $(DEBUG) strictly.

        * src/installer-finish.nsi: Add support for Add/Remove Programs.

2005-10-20  Werner Koch  <>

        * m4/gpg4win.m4 (GPG4WIN_FIND): Quote a file variable.
        (GPG4WIN_SPKG): Ditto.

2005-10-20  Marcus Brinkmann  <>

        * src/gpg4win.nsi: Add start menu support.
        * src/inst-sections.nsi: Likewise.
        * src/installer.nsi: Likewise.
        * src/installer-finish.nsi: Likewise.

        * src/ (GETVAR): Don't quote the first $.
        (STRIP_macro): New macro.
        (SPKG, BPKG): Use it here.

        * (EXTRA_DIST): New target.
        * include/ (EXTRA_DIST): Change to
        * src/ (EXTRA_DIST): Remove pkg-config.  Add nsi files.

        * src/inst-gpgol.nsi: Change libgpgol-0.9.3.dll to gpgol.dll.

        * src/ (stamp/stamp-$(1)-02-configure): Add
        -mms-bitfields to CFLAGS.

        * src/ (stamps/stamp-final): New target that replaces
        phony target final.

2005-10-20  Werner Koch  <>

        * src/*.nsi: Add a Latin-1 tag to make sure that Emacs uses the
        correct encoding.
        * doc/nsi-mode.el: Added for convenience.

2005-10-20  Marcus Brinkmann  <>

        * Check for makensis.  Add gnupg as dependency for
        gpgme.  Change into config.nsi.
        * include/ File removed.
        * src/ File removed.
        * include/ New file.
        * include/ (EXTRA_DIST): Change into
        * src/ (gpg4win-$(VERSION).exe): New target.
        (gpg4win-src-$(VERSION).exe): New target.
        (all-local): Remove dependency on phony target all-gpg4win.
        (all-local): Add dependency on gpg4win-$(VERSION).exe and
        (clean-local): New rule for this target.
        * src/gpg4win.nsi, src/gpg4win-src.nsi, src/inst-atk.nsi,
        src/inst-gettext.nsi, src/inst-glib.nsi, src/inst-gnupg.nsi,
        src/inst-gpa.nsi, src/inst-gpgme.nsi, src/inst-gpgol.nsi,
        src/inst-gtk+.nsi, src/inst-libgpg-error.nsi,
        src/inst-libiconv.nsi, src/inst-libpng.nsi, src/inst-pango.nsi,
        src/inst-pkgconfig.nsi, src/inst-sections.nsi, src/inst-zlib.nsi,
        src/installer-finish.nsi, src/installer.nsi: New file.

2005-10-18  Marcus Brinkmann  <> Enable libiconv and gettext dependencies for Gtk+.

        * src/ First real implementation.
        * src/ New file.
        * Activate libiconv and gettext.
        (AC_CONFIG_FILES): Add packages/Makefile and src/
        * m4/gpg4win.m4 (GPG4WIN_BPKG_GNU): New macro.
        * include/ Add variables for libiconv and gettext.

2005-10-15  Marcus Brinkmann  <>

        * m4/gpg4win.m4: New file.
        * include/ Add many package variables.
        * Call package detection macros.
        * (ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS): New variable.
        * src/ Use some of the new variables.

        * packages/ Fix downloading of Gtk source packages.