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Release Name: 0.6.0

Release Notes

Noteworthy changes in version 0.6.0 (2006-01-26) ------------------------------------------------ * The location where to install gpg4win may now be changed. * Cosmetic changes * Finished Einsteiger manual

Change Log

2006-01-25 Werner Koch <> * m4/gpg4win.m4 (GPG4WIN_BPKG_BINSRC): Kludge to allow "noinstaller" as an alternative to "bin". 2006-01-23 Werner Koch <> * src/ (README.en.txt, New. (gpg4win-$(VERSION).exe): Depend on them. (CLEANFILES): Clean them up. * src/installer.nsi (T_LangCode): new. (MUI_FINISHPAGE_SHOWREADME): Use this intead of running the key manager. This makes sense becuase gpg4win needs to be insalled as Administartor but the Administrator should in general not use gpg4win. * src/inst-gpg4win.nsi: Install and README.en.txt. * src/uninst-gpg4win.nsi: Uninstall them. 2006-01-20 Werner Koch <> * Create doc/log/Makefile. * src/inst-sections.nsi: Replaced splash image by new logo. * src/installer.nsi: Reserve that new file. (Icon, UninstallIcon): New. * src/gpg4win-splash.bmp: Removed. 2006-01-19 Jan-Oliver Wagner <> * README.SVN: Extend sample configure call. Without the --host setting, configure will complain about missing dlltool. 2006-01-13 Werner Koch <> * patches/glib-2.9.2-wk1/02-gspawn-w32.patch: New. 2006-01-12 Werner Koch <> * src/inst-glib.nsi: Also install the console spawn helper. 2006-01-10 Werner Koch <> * New option --disable-source-installer. * src/ Implement it. * src/installer.nsi: Insert directory page.