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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.5.1

Release Notes
Noteworthy changes in version 0.5.1 (2006-01-09)

 * Get plugin directory for sylpheed right.

 * WinPT starts again.

 * Included very early versions of the manuals as PDFs.

 * Include gpg4win in the source installer.

Change Log
2006-01-09  Werner Koch  <>

	Released 0.5.1.

	* src/inst-gnupg.nsi: Install http and not curl version.

	* src/ (stamps/stamp-directories): Touch versioninfo.

	* src/inst-gpg4win.nsi, src/uninst-gpg4win.nsi:
	* src/ (stamps/stamp-dist-selft): Include ourself in the
	source installer.

2006-01-06  Werner Koch  <>

	* src/ (VERSIONINFO_macro): New.  Use it where

	* Test for texi2dvi, dvipdf and sha1sum.

	* (SUBDIRS): Build doc prior to src.

	* src/inst-man_novice_de.nsi: Install einsteiger.pdf.
	* src/uninst-man_novice_de.nsi: Likewise.
	* src/inst-man_advanced_de.nsi: Install druchblicker.pdf
	* src/uninst-man_advanced_de.nsi: Likewise.