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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.3.0

Release Notes
  * Add i18n stuff to gpgol.  Only german for now.

  * Winpt updates.

  * Changed the way the download script works.  It now uses a packages
    file from and only downloads packages which are
    not yet downloaded unless the --force option is used.  Chnages to
    the packages are to be recorded in that packages file and not
    anymore in the SVN.

Change Log
2005-12-06  Werner Koch  <>

        Released 0.3.0.

2005-12-02  Werner Koch  <>

        * packages/ New option --force.  Default to skip
        already existing packages.

2005-12-02  Timo Schulz  <>

        * packages/ Update WinPT url.
        * packages/packages.keys: Add second release key for WinPT.
2005-11-30  Werner Koch  <>

        * src/inst-gpgol.nsi: Install German translation.
        * src/uninst-gpgol.nsi: Likewise.

2005-11-29  Werner Koch  <>

        * packages/packages.current: New.  This is more or less a
        template; the version on the server may be updated without syncing
        it to this version.
        * packages/packages.keys: New.
        * packages/ Rewritten.

        * src/inst-sections.nsi (.onInstFailed, .onInstSuccess): New.
        (RunOnFinish): New function to run a key manager depending on the
        installed ones.
        * src/installer.nsi: Use a function to run the key manager on finish.