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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.1.0

Release Notes
  * GPA does now actually do something.

  * Included Sylpheed, although the GnuPG part is not yet working.

  * Some visual cleanups, more help texts.      

  * Reboot support for installing an already running GPGee.
Change Log
2005-11-21  Werner Koch  <>

	Released 0.1.0.

	* src/inst-sections.nsi: Disable uninstaller menu link.

2005-11-18  Werner Koch  <>

	* src/inst-sections.nsi: Add more dependencies to sylpheed.

2005-11-17  Marcus Brinkmann  <>

	* Add glib dependency for GPGME.
	* src/ (gpg4win_pkg_gpgme_configure): Add
	--enable-w32-glib and LDFLAGS.
	* src/inst-gpgme.nsi: Install libgpgme-glib-11.dll.
	* src/uninst-gpgme.nsi: Uninstall libgpgme-glib-11.dll.

2005-11-17  Werner Koch  <>

	* src/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add loreley.mid as original source
	of the splash sound.

	Add packages pthreads-w32 and regex.

	* src/ (MPKG_template): New.
	(pkgmkflags, pkgmkarg): New.
	(DEFLATE_macro): Use overwrite option for unzip.

2005-11-16  Werner Koch  <>

	* src/inst-crypt.nsi, src/uninst-crypt.nsi: New.
	* m4/gpg4win.m4 (GPG4WIN_BPKG_GNUWIN32_LIB): New.

	* src/uninst-sylpheed-claws.nsi, src/uninst-eudoragpg.nsi
	* src/inst-eudoragpg.nsi, src/inst-sylpheed-claws.nsi: New.
	* include/ Add support for Sylpheed and EudorGPG.
	* src/ (gpg4win_spkgs): Add them.
	(gpg4win_pkg_sylpheed_claws_configure): New. 

	* src/inst-sections.nsi: Add them.
	* Add them.

2005-11-15  Werner Koch  <>

	* src/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add g4wihelp.nsi.
	(CLEANFILES): Add g4wihelp.dll.

	* src/inst-gpgee.nsi: Use RegDLL and UnRegDLL.  Print warning on
	registration failure.  Use move approach for active extension.
	* src/inst-gpgol.nsi: Ditto.
	* src/uninst-gpgol.nsi: Use UnRegDLL and allow rebooting.
	* src/uninst-gpgee.nsi: Ditto.

	* src/installer.nsi: Moved inclusion of g4wihelp.nsi after the
	language definitions.

	* (VERSION): Generate extended version information.
	* include/ Define replacements
	* src/gpg4win.nsi, src/gpg4win-src.nsi: Use them for PROD_VERSION.

	* src/gpg4win-src.nsi: Add our build dir as plugindir.

2005-11-14  Werner Koch  <>

	* src/inst-sections.nsi (.onInit): Make sure that only one
	instance of the installer may run at the same time.
	* src/installer.nsi: Include g4wihelp.nsi.
	* src/g4wihelp.nsi: New.
	* src/g4wihelp.c: New.
	* src/exdll.h: New.

2005-11-11  Marcus Brinkmann  <>

	* src/ (stamps/stamp-$(1)-00-install): Don't strip.
	(stamps/stamp-$(1)-01-install-dev): Likewise.

2005-11-08  Werner Koch  <>

	* src/ Also strip DLLs; I am using stripped DLLs for
	months now.