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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 7.0.0

Release Notes
This is the first release of the openvas-manager 7.0 module for the Open
Vulnerability Assessment System release 9 (OpenVAS-9). The OpenVAS Manager is
the central management service between the actual security scanners and the
user clients.

OpenVAS Manager 7.0 introduces an explicit asset management and the built-in
CVE scanner. It also replaces the 'Slaves' type by the new Scanner type
'OMP Slave'.  Please see the comprehensive list below for more details.

Please make sure to read the INSTALL file for important installation and
migration information, even and especially if you have used OpenVAS Manager

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release:
BenoƮt Allard, Hani Benhabiles, Sven Haardiek, Matthew Mundell, Timo Pollmeier,
Jan-Oliver Wagner and Michael Wiegand.
Change Log
Main changes compared to the 6.0 series:
* Added asset management for hosts and operating systems.
* Added internal CVE Scanner.
* Added SecInfo alerts.
* The type 'Slaves' was replaced by the 'Scanner' type 'OMP Slave'.
* The OMP protocol version is now OMP 7.0.
* Added support for communicating via Unix domain sockets with OTP scanners
  and with clients.
* GET_REPORTS now uses regular powerfilter.
* Authentication configuration (for example LDAP) is now handled within
  the database and not in a separate file ('auth.conf') anymore.
* Several new OMP commands and some changes/renaming to existing commands.
  Please refer to the OMP documentation for details about new and changed
* Consolidation of credentials into the the type Credentials.
* New Alerts 'SCP' and TCP upload.
* Improved OSP support, permissions management, QoD handling,  built-in
  report formats, alerts.
* Merging openvas-scapdata-sync into greenbone-scapdata-sync.
* Merging openvas-certdata-sync into greenbone-certdata-sync.
* Minimum required version GnuTLS raised to 3.2.15.
* Minimum required version GLib raised to 2.32.
* Minimum required version CMake raised to 2.8.

Main changes since 6.1+beta3:
* The concept of slaves has been replaced by OMP slaves.
* The OMP protocol version is now OMP 7.
* Support for grouping data by two columns has been added.
* Support for the new 'SNMP' alert method has been added.
* A new "Max Rows Per Page" setting has been introduced which defaults to 1000,
  please see the INSTALL file for details.
* The handling of Internal Errors has been made more consistent.
* A support scripts for gathering statistics on the SQLite3 back-end has been
* Credentials are now consistently handled as credential objects.
* Support for sorting by multiple fields in OMP command GET_AGGREGATES has been
* The process title of processes handling scans will now contain the report
* Resuming of scheduled slave scans has been improved.
* Internal use of logging has been made more consistent.
* Support for migrating data from an SQLite3 database to a PostgreSQL database
  has been improved.
* Handling of slave scans has been improved.
* The handling of report format plugins has been improved.
* The LDAP CA certificate is now stored in the internal database instead as a
  separate file on disk.
* The predefined target 'Localhost' has been removed.
* Users are now allowed to access feed descriptions.
* Support for including the result of one report format in the result of another
  report format has been added.
* The 'Anonymous_XML' report format now strips even more potentially sensitive
* Support for custom predefined report formats has been improved.
* Support for communicating via Unix domain sockets has been added and now is
  the default for communication with OTP scanners and with clients.
* NVTs in the ACT_SETTINGS family are no longer automatically enabled.
* Log messages have been improved to include the resource name wherever
* The 'openvas-manage-certs' support script has been moved here from OpenVAS
* The minimum required version of the GnuTLS library has been raised to 3.2.15
  in order to enforce the presence of newer (more secure) TLS and ciphers.
* The minimum required version of the OpenVAS libraries has been raised to
* The minimum required version of the GLib library has been raised to 2.32 in
  order to allow the use of newer API elements.
* The minimum required version of the CMake build framework has been raised to
* Numerous code cleanups.
* The build process has been improved.
* Code documentation has been updated.
* Support for PostgreSQL has been improved.