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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 8.0.0

Release Notes
This is the first release of the openvas-libraries 8.0 module for the Open
Vulnerability Assessment System 8 (OpenVAS-8). Compared to the previous major
release it covers a broad set of improvements for the various OpenVAS services
and applications.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this release:
BenoƮt Allard, Hani Benhabiles, Henri Doreau, Andre Heinecke, Michael Meyer,
Matthew Mundell, Timo Pollmeier, Thanga Prakash, Jan-Oliver Wagner and Michael
Change Log
Main changes compared to the 7.0 series:
* The minimum required version of GnuTLS has been raised to 2.12.
* The knowledge base (KB) back end is now based on Redis. This make the hiredis
  library a mandatory prerequisite.
* The libssh library is now a mandatory prerequisite.
* OpenVAS Libraries now uses the openvas-smb module for optional WMI and related
* Optional SNMP support has been added, this make Net-SNMP an optional
* Support for using ECDSA SSH keys has been added. This requires libssh 0.6.0 or
* Support for PKCS#8 encrypted SSH keys has been added.
* Support for the new OpenVAS Scanner Protocol (OSP) has been added.
* New option "-B" for command line tool "openvas-nasl" to make the script run in
  description mode first.
* Export file names are now more customizable.
* The built-in find_service plugin now sends a Host header with HTTP GET
* The Host header for HTTP(S) requests will no longer include the port number if
  the port is 80 or 443 respectively.
* The public key part for SSH credentials is no longer required as it is
* Support for the obsolete OMP rcfile element has been removed.
* Support for the obsolete target locators concept has been removed.
* Support for pausing scan tasks has been removed.
* Support for the scanner option "ntp_short_status" has been removed. This was a
  condensed syntax for OTP "STATUS" command.
* NVTi cache files no longer include the "src" element.
* The "action" element is no longer included in the OTP "STATUS" response.
* Issues which caused some task properties to not be transferred correctly to
  scan slaves have been fixed.
* Significant memory consumption reduction of which primarily OpenVAS Scanner
  benefits from.
* Library checks during package configuration have been improved and are now
  more comprehensive and consistent.
* Handling of linker and compiler flags during package configuration has been
  improved and simplified.
* The build process has been cleaned up.
* The User-Agent used for HTTP requests has been updated.
* Handling of user specific severity values has been improved.
* Handling of IPv6 IPs has been improved.
* The strategy for retrying GnuTLS handshakes has been improved.
* Improved password policy warning handling.
* Improved logging.
* Various code quality improvements based on automatic and manual code

Main changes compared to 8.0+beta6:
* An issue which caused some task properties to not be transferred correctly to
  scan slaves has been fixed.
* An issue which caused the SSH key type to be missing from exported SSH public
  keys has been fixed.
* An issue with caused SSH credentials from the knowledge base to incorrectly
  take precedence over those supplied as function arguments has been fixed.
* Support for PKCS#8 encrypted SSH keys has been added.
* SSH support has been improved.
* OMP support has been improved.
* Code cleanups.