Forum: OpenVAS-Client 1.0.0 released

Posted by: Jan-Oliver Wagner
Date: 2007-10-15 16:11
Summary: OpenVAS-Client 1.0.0 released
Project: OpenVAS


After some 0.9 releases this is finally the intial
1.0 release of OpenVAS-Client.

OpenVAS-Client is a successor of NessusClient 1.X.
The fork happened with NessusClient CVS HEAD 20070704.
The reason was that the original author of NessusClient
decided to stop active development for this (GTK-based)
NessusClient in favour of a newly written QT-based version
released as proprietary software.

Compared to the NessusClient 1.X release,
various new features have been added, especially
caching mechanisms to increase transparency and
increase plugin load speed.

Additionally some visual improvements have been
implemented. The following additional languages are supported:
german, spanish, swedish and hebrew.

Main changes since 0.9.1:

* New language: spanish.
* New language: hebrew.
* Various code cleanups.
* Various string fixes.
* Added some scripts to support W32 installer packaging.
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